Outdoor Shooting

Budapest Hen Do - Outdoor Shooting

Looking for a thrilling hen do activity! Try our adventurous outdoor shooting package designed especially for hot gun wielding chicks. You won’t regret it.

Command instant respect or conquer the man of your dreams with this super fun shooting hen activity, which was designed especially for the girls. These shooting games will not only provide exclusive entertainment for you and your hen party, where you get the chance to fire weapons you usually only see in the movies, but this activity can also help to boost your self-confidence! 
We will take you to Budapest’s best outdoor shooting range for your hen weekend. Below are details of some of the fun games you can take part in:
1. Balloon Hunting: You must hit as many balloons as possible with just 12 shots and a .22 caliber pistol. But don’t worry it’s no harder than hunting down a bloke! 
2. My Sweetheart: With a high caliber 9 mm pistol, the famous Glock-17, you will have 6 shots, to hit the hearts on the target, just like Cupid's arrow you will need to ‘capture’ your chosen man’s heart.
3. I bow at your feet: Surely you have already got used to men bowing down at your feet when they see you! Now prove it at the shooting range. With the Magnum 357 caliber gun (yes the famous one) you can fire off 6 
shots aimed at metal targets. They will also bow down, as you will see.
4. Omnia vincit amor: “Love conquers all!” Easy for him, if he’s packing an AK-47. The task is to hit a “LOVE” inscribed moving target on a 50 m rifle course with a Kalashnikov with just 6 shots. Your “LOVE” will try to run 
away from you 3 times slowly and 3 times quickly. But no way are you going to let him get away, right? 
5. You stay here baby: If you don’t let LOVE run away from you, why would you let it fly away? We can’t throw you love hearts, but we can throw something different. The last hen activity of the day is clay pigeon shooting. You need to shoot as many discs as possible with just 6 shots with a shotgun. You just pulled!
Der Preis beinhaltet:
  • Good looking local male guide to pick you up at your hen accommodation
  • Return transfer to the indoor shooting venue
  • Professional instructors
  • Fun games
  • All the guns and shooting equipment
  • 32 shots
  • One round of beers or wine or soft drinks after shooting
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From € 56 / Person

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